Hello fellow Trial Lawyers,

SDTLA, specifically through the funds of Promoting Justice, has offered and purchased masks for all the circuits in the state based on the need provided by either the presiding judge or the court administrator.

So far we were able to hand deliver or mail 430 Masks and will have the ability to get more masks to share with our membership.

The following is a breakdown of the masks sent as well as a couple photos. Thank you Kasey and Ashley for delivering and mailing.

  • 1st circuit: 25 masks delivered this week.
  • 2nd circuit: 100 masks for court staff; 15 KN 95 masks for the judges, and 100 masks for the general public required to wear them at the courthouse. All delivered this afternoon.
  • 3rd circuit: 40 masks mailed this week.
  • 4th circuit: 20 masks mailed this week.
  • 5th circuit: 20 masks mailed this week.
  • 6th circuit: currently does not need any.
  • 7th circuit: 110 masks will be mailed later this week.


  • Preserve the jury system.
  • Promote justice and efficiency in all matters pertaining to the trial of civil and criminal cases.
  • Establish a high standard of ethics among trial lawyers.
  • Clarify and simplify trial procedures
  • Promote a program of continuing education in trial practice
  • Encourage and assist younger members of the Bar to become trial lawyers.
  • Create good fellowship and friendship among members, and a sense of pride in the Association and its purpose.
  • Promote laws, rules and regulations to accomplish the above purposes and to promote the public good.

In pursuit of its goals, SDTLA cooperates on occasion with other organizations, such as the State Bar of South Dakota, the South Dakota Paralegal Association (SDPA), and the American Association for Justice (AAJ).

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