SDTLA Membership Categories

Law Student $10.00 yearly
Legal Support Staff $ 50.00 yearly*
0-2 years in practice $70.00 yearly
3-5 years in practice $100.00 yearly
Over 5 years in practice $350.00 yearly
Public Attorney in practice over 2 years $100.00 yearly**
Sustaining member $700.00 yearly***
Subscribing member $125.00 yearly****

*This is a non-voting membership for any individual employed by a lawyer or law firm that is a current member of SDTLA.  Discounted seminar fees will be given to paid legal support staff SDTLA members. 

**Public attorney members must be employed full-time by federal, state, county, or municipal government or legal aid association.

***Sustaining members must have been engaged in the practice of law and a member in good standing of SDTLA for five years. Attendance at the annual fall seminar is free for sustaining members

****Any individual or organization may be eligible to be subscribing members, who receive all SDTLA membership benefits, but are not entitled to vote.



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