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AAJ supports proposal for CFPA, pushes for ban on mandatory arbitration clauses.

CongressDaily (7/8, Swindell) reported, "The push for a proposed Consumer Financial Protection Agency has given new momentum for a trial bar campaign to ban mandatory arbitration clauses in consumer contracts, placing business lobbyists in a deep hole in trying to stop a measure strongly backed by the Obama administration and congressional Democrats." Julia Duncan of the American Association for Justice said, "We're very encouraged by what we've seen in the administration's proposal." She added, "It's a big step in terms of restoring accountability in the financial markets." However, "the arbitration language is strongly opposed by business lobbyists, especially the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which has led the fight against a rollback of such contracts that have become more commonplace in such products such as cell-phone plans, health insurance coverage and credit card accounts."


Subrogation Rights

A practical approach to Social Security and SSI Claims. 

Enforcement of discretionary clauses  to be illegal in South Dakota under ARSD 20:06:52

Minimizing the social security workers’ compensation offset.

My Visit to the United States Supreme Court.

South Dakota’s new workers’ compensation small medical claims act.

 South Dakota supreme court adopts medical record privacy rule proposed by SDTLA.

The best cause of action you never heard of: The Bad Men Clause of the 1868 FT. Laramie Treaty.

Update to Social Security Article.




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